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RPS is the official solutions provider for the software, training and consulting services. We can assist develop your bowtie template, document bowtie procedure and even develop your powerpoint slides.

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BowTieXP Template

The BowTieXP software is essentially a blank canvas. It is important to set up a template that fits the needs and requirements of a business. The software defaults provides a starting point. However, it is important to set up a template prior to using the software.

We can assist setting up a template for consistent use. It includes creating you own risk matrices, look up values, terminology, profiles and much more.

We have an efficient turn around time given our depth and experience with the software.

Bowtie Procedure

Developing bowties in a consistent manner by applying the bowtie methodology is of utmost importance. This ensures that the data and the framework applied is consistent across the developed bowties. If you think “a picture means a thousand words” think again! With bowties “few words can mean a thousand different things” It is important to outline the objectives for risk management, the context in which it is applied, the depth of analysis and the target audience to name a few.

RPS can develop a framework that is aligned with the ISO 31000 framework and include all the parameters that require consideration when generating bowties.

Critical Controls

Identifying critical controls is crucial in the risk management process. In many instances this may be overlooked or not understood. The criteria for determining critical controls can be complex.

We can establish a process to identify the critical controls and make them accessible using the BowTieXP software.

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Safety Case / Safety Reports

RPS has extensive experience in the development of safety cases for the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry, including major oil companies, operators, drilling companies and marine contractors using the BowTieXP software.

Our consultants have successfully developed complete safety cases, campaign specific safety case revisions and detailed risk studies for facilities ranging from fixed production platforms, Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSOs), rigless well intervention support vessels, and in particular, mobile offshore drilling units, including semi-submersibles, jack-ups and ultra-deep water drill ships.

RPS is experienced in onshore drilling and production and has developed a thorough and comprehensive safety case development process that ensures safety cases are produced in accordance with the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) guidelines.

Safety cases are developed in a format that are readily accepted globally, while specifically addressing the legal requirements and regulator expectations for operations in Australia and South East Asia. RPS utilises the BowTie methodology to analyse Major Accident Events (MAEs) to ensure that risks are reduced to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Safety Case Software – HSE Case Browser

RPS uses the BowTieXP software to create your very own online browser to bring your bowties alive. Click Here for a brochure. The software can be hosted by RPS or on your own server.

The software has been developed for the industry with simplicity and the enduser in mind. For a short powerpoint demo of the HSE case browser Click Here.

Major Hazard Facilities
RPS develops safety reports and safety cases relating to onshore MHFs for companies involved in onshore oil and gas terminals, hydrocarbon processing, oil and gas distribution and storage facilities. RPS has professional safety engineers experienced in the Dangerous Goods Safety (Major Hazard Facilities) Regulations and the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations (UK).

RPS is also experienced in the mining and refining, drilling and production, construction, manufacturing, aviation and energy industries.

We can screen safety cases to check for compliance against regulatory requirements and independently carry out or review hazard and risk studies.

RPS consultants will:

Develop, review and revise safety cases and safety reports
Construct safety cases/reports having regard to relevant local regulations
Involve the workforce
Lead appropriate risk studies
Liaise with regulatory bodies
Provide safety case verification audits.

Auditing using AuditXP


RPS can assist in the development of auditing tools using the AuditXP software. The software can be used for barrier based auditing or can be adapted for compliance auditing (traditional).

We can assist using the AuditXP Add-on to

  • Prepare and set up the audit template
  • Development of the audit questions (e.g. regulatory, compliance etc.,)
  • Prepare the audit program that includes survey
  • Assist in implementing the audit program

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Our experienced auditors conduct reviews and audits in any location, whether in the field, facility, office or boardroom.

RPS builds customised audit tools to assist clients to better understand their operations, materials, assets, people, systems and culture. We can auditagainst our client’s management system and validate legislative compliance to Australian and International standards.

Where applicable, RPS consultantsare able to assist in implementing any recommendations arising from an audit.RPS conducts the following types of technical and management system/compliance audits:

  • Performance standards verification
  • Engineering systems and process plant audits
  • International Marine Contractors Association Common Marine Inspection Document (IMCA CMID) audits
  • Oil Companies International Marine Forum Ship Inspection Report Programme (OCIMF OMVID OMVIQ) audits
  • Asset integrity management
  • CAP437 Helideck auditing and certifications
  • Commissioning / decommissioning audits
  • Safety case and safety report audits
  • Management of change audits
  • Management system audits
  • Post incident audits
  • Fixed and rotary wing aviation auditing
  • Legislative compliance audits
  • Prequalification audits
  • Workplace inspections
  • Operational HSE audits
  • Health and hygiene audits
  • Permit to Work system audits
  • Due diligence audits
  • Manual handling audits
  • Shipyard contractor compliance audits
  • Environmental audits
  • Quality audits
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Become a champion to manage risks in your workplace Join us at one of our BowTieXP Master Classes held around Australia or engage RPS to deliver an in-house course at your location.

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Engage a global business with local experience and knowledge. We deliver cutting edge consulting, auditing and training services in areas of risk management and safety leadership. Drive your business forward using the bowtie risk methodology and software application for risk management, auditing and incident management.

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RPS offers a range of software products to suit your risk management needs. From a single user to a global enterprise level, there is a range of modular software products. Visit the software products page to see more.

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